A Tool Checklist for Installing Carpet Tile

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What tools will I need to install carpet tile? a sharp utility knife.

A Tool Checklist for Installing Carpet Tile

When doing any home improvement job, specific tools are required for each step. Installing carpet tile is no different and we want to help make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Here are the tools that you will need for installing your carpet tile:

- Get a sharp razor knife with a heavy duty blade – this will be essential to fitting and cornering your patterns.
- Double sided carpet tape – When working on your patters and laying down your tiles, you will need this tape to hold everything in place. Staples are not used for tiles as they are with wall to wall carpet, so get strong tape for your job.
- A straight edge, cutting board, and tape measure – To go with your razor knife, you will want a straight edge to make clean cuts on your carpet tile. Use a sturdy cutting board to make the cuts easier to create and a tape measure to ensure the cuts are perfectly to fit.
- Pencil or chalk marker – Sketching your pattern on the carpet tiles before cutting will help you get the straightest cuts you can. Use your pencil or chalk to line up your cuts before wielding your razor knife and you will make only as many cuts as you need.



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