Determining the Right Vintage Carpet Prices

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How do I know what carpet prices are right for vintage carpets?

Determining the Right Vintage Carpet Prices

Many collectors like to find little treasures at local second-hand stores or antique shops. Vintage carpet is a popular collector's item and many people choose to furnish entire rooms with orange shag that seems to be out of an episode of “That 70's Show”. It can be difficult to know what the right carpet prices are for vintage carpet, but there are some checkpoints to use when determining what you are willing to spend. First, what condition is the carpet in? Carpet prices should immediately take into consideration the condition that the previous years have left the carpet in. Can you see trackmarks? Any large stains or pulls of which to speak? Keep a close eye out because some problems won't just leave a stain, but they could ruin your whole purchase. Another factor in vintage carpet prices is the actual vintage of the carpet. How old is the carpet you are looking at? Is it merely a piece of 1970's schlock or is it a roll of original wall to wall from the earlier 20th century? As with any antiquities, the value is greatly influenced by the age. Determine what vintage you are looking for and then compare across other sales from similar times to arrive at the right value for your possible purchase. Finally, be sure to authenticate your purchase. There are many that would try to pass off a non-original piece but still charge the antique carpet price. Experts are available to provide an authentication of your piece for a small fee and if you are truly buying a vintage piece, it may be worth the time to look into using one.



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