Grouting Your Ceramic Tiles

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How do I grout my ceramic tiles?

Grouting Your Ceramic Tiles

After they are set in place, grouting ceramic tiles is an easy process that requires no special skills. Here is a quick rundown of the process to help you try it for yourself. First, select your grout and mix it properly according to the directions. Begin by undermixing with less liquid and then add until you have the desired texture. Adding too much to start can ruin an entire batch of grout. Next, put on some kneepads. Ceramic tiles are pretty hard surfaces and you will find your knees black and blue in the morning without kneepads. After your grout is mixed, use a rubber grouting trowel to firmly drag the grout in between the ceramic tiles. I say ‘drag' the grout because you will want to start away from your body in a crack, and pull the grout towards you rather than pushing it into place. This will ensure even depth of the inserted grout. Keep moving with this process until the whole floor is properly filled. Next, to protect both your ceramic tiles and your grout, apply several layers of sealant using a paintbrush for the grout and a sponge mop for the ceramic tiles. This sealant will extend the life of your ceramic tiles and grout for many years without stain.



8/8/2006 10:25:31 AM
scott said:

How long do I wait inbetween laying the tiles and grouting? How long after the grout do I seal? Your rundown does not state that....

10/25/2007 9:06:02 PM
Steve said:

Read the container or bag that the adhesive comes in. Generally you lay the tile one day and grout the next.
Also read the directions that come with the grout. I'd wait at least 2 days following grouting to allow the adhesive and grout to cure. The longer the better in my opinion since environmental conditions dictate the time these take to cur (temp. humidity, vibration etc)


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