Choosing Grout for Your Ceramic Tile

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How do I choose the grout for my ceramic tile floors?

Choosing Grout for Your Ceramic Tile

Putting the finishing touch on any ceramic tile floor is done when you set your grout. Choosing the right color and grit of grout can make the difference in a beautiful floor and a mismatched mess. Here are some ceramic tile tips on choosing the right grout for you: • Select from a Large Color Pallet – There are thousands of colors available in grout and you should not limit yourself to the selection that only one store has to offer. Match your color the tile as well as the surrounding walls. • View Examples of Finished Projects – The color of grout changes from a dry powder, to a wet grout, to a finished product. Be sure the color you choose is the right one only after seeing a finished line of it for yourself. Do not rely only on the pictures provided by the manufacturer. • Choose Your Grit Carefully – The grit of a grout in ceramic tile can make a big difference. This should be based on the size of the gap you will be filling with the grout. For larger gaps, go with a grittier grout and thinner for thinner. The right grout can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your ceramic tile floors. Choose wisely.



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