Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my Berber carpet from pulling? cut off the yarn at the backing.

What type of carpet should I use for my rental property? 26.5 to 40 oz. Polyester or bcf nylon carpets

What is the best way to clean my berber carpets? have it professionally cleaned every 18 months

What flooring should I use for a very high traffic area in my home? for high traffic areas, Frieze's hold up best

How do I know how much I need when I buy carpet? have a installer measure the areas before you begin.

Is safety a concern in carpet mills?

How can I find the best places to buy carpet online? normally, the best one's on line will be the first 5 that come up in a flooring search.

Are carpet sales on the rise due to higher cost alternatives? yes.

Can I save more by shopping at a carpet outlet or online? yes. online. that's the way of the future.

What accessories will I need when I buy carpet to install? you'll need.. power stretcher, knee kicker, tack strips, seam tape and a sharp utility knif

How can I help the professionals with my carpet installation to be sure it is done right? make sure they install of the carpet going the same directio

What will give me the strongest hold when I install carpet?

How can I install carpet for myself? before you begin installing, take a class like most dealers can offer you or go online to a diy site.

How do I know what thickness of carpet padding I need? no lighter in density than 6 lb and no thicker than 1/2"

What is the best way to cut around corners with ceramic tile? us a wet saw.

How can I get universal gaps between my ceramic floor tiles?

Why do you use a wet saw for cutting ceramic tiles? wet saws cut the tile the best

Can I do my own ceramic tile installation? - yes, most dealers and box stores will even offer installation classes

How can I replace individual pieces of ceramic tile?

Is there a difference between ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile?

What should I do with pieces of scrap ceramic tiles? Save any whole pieces. you may need them in the future

Should I hire a professional for my ceramic tile installation? it's always best to hire a professional installer.

How do I choose the grout for my ceramic tile floors?

Should I use granite, marble, or ceramic floor tile?

How do I grout my ceramic tiles?

What are differences in textures of ceramic tile?

How can I give my flooring a new look without starting from scratch?

How can I protect my wood flooring?

Can I get samples of tile flooring before I buy? yes, some dealers offer free samples

What do I do if my carpet flooring is flooded? try using a wet/dry vac, but in most cases, the carpet & pad will need to be removed. Mold will start.

Should I use paint or an epoxy for my garage flooring?

Why should I use tile flooring instead of another material? Ceramic and natural stone are much more durable than any other floors.

How can I make my flooring stand out?

What do I use as padding under my new wood flooring? you don't put pad under a wood floor unless you float it [engineered and laminates only]

How do I paint my garage flooring? with a brush, roller or a paint sprayer

How can I make my tile flooring safer?

Should I hire someone to do my new flooring? yes, it's aways best to hire a professional installer.

What are the options for types of hard wood flooring? your choices are solid 3/4" and engineered wood floors

How do I epoxy my garage flooring?

Is it difficult to refinish hardwood flooring on my own?

Should I use hardwood floors or laminate floors in my home? hardwood floors look real, most laminates do not look like real wood.

How can I remove scratches from my hardwood floor?

What are the benefits of Bruce hardwood floors? Bruce has the BEST NAME in the Flooring Business.

Should I carpet directly over my hardwood floors? yes, or install a pad over the wood floors than the carpet.

How can I prevent my pets from damaging my hardwood floors?

What is the best way to make my cuts when laying laminate flooring? use a table saw. always cut laminate with the face down to prevent splintering.

Why should I spend the money on Pergo flooring?

How can I replace a single plank in my laminate floors?

Why do I need to stagger my laminate flooring planks? staggering keeps ends from matching up to the next row.

How can I reduce the echo from my laminate floors? use a sound blocker pad when it's installed.

Should I keep the left over scraps of laminate flooring after I finish my job? yes, you never know when you may need to replace a board.

How can I fix a chip in my laminate floors? you'll need to replace that board. there's no easy fix to patching a laminate crack.

How can I cover the gap between rooms of laminate floors? transition moldings like T-Molds/Reducers/Baby Thresholds will do the job

What should I look out for when laying my laminate floors? that the end joints do not match up with one another.

How easy is self-locking laminate flooring for me to do? if your good a carpentry, it sould be easy for you

How can I pull up my previously installed laminate floors? most laminates are self locking and can be removed very easily.

Can laminate flooring help with allergies in my house? yes. there's no fuzzing with Laminate.

Are laminate floors a good choice for a baby's nursery? yes.

Should I use indoor outdoor carpet on my patio?

How has outdoor carpet changed over the years?

Can I do my own indoor outdoor carpet tile installation? yes. most carpet tiles have a adhesive already applied for easy installation

Should I use outdoor turf carpet for my kids recreational areas?

Are rugs a good way to enhance my existing flooring? yes, they work best with hardwood floors

What materials should I look for in an area rug?

How should I clean my area rugs of value?

How can I make my own braided rug?

What should I look for when buying oriental rugs?

Is the knit of an area rug important?

How can I get the lowest possible carpet prices? shop around. be sure everyone is quoting you on the VERY SAME PRODUC T

Where can I find discount carpet installation?

Is wholesale carpet available to redo my whole office? yes

How can I save on carpet prices without sacrificing the look or feel of my space?

Can I find discount carpet prices? yes. there are hundreds of web sites that offer carpet and other floors at a discount.

Where can I find wholesale carpet prices? Georgia Carpet Ind.

How do I know what carpet prices are right for vintage carpets?

Can I get commercial grade carpet at discount prices? yes. Commercial/indoor-outdoor + residental , frieze and berbers too

Is carpet tile a good solution for my child's bedroom?

How do I begin installing carpet squares in my home? start in a corner and move across to the far wall

What tools will I need to install carpet tile? a sharp utility knife.

What factors should enter into my choices of carpets? yarn type [nylon is best] yarn weight [40-70 oz] twist 4-8 ea.

Are there advantages to using carpet over tile? carpet is warmer in the winter than tile

Does Mohawk Carpet have any specific care needed? no more than any other manufacture's carpet.

Where can I find the largest selection of carpeting? Georgia Carpet Ind. in Dalton, GA.

What are popular styles of Shaw carpets?

What is Frieze Carpet? some say it's short shag. it's a carpet that has extra twist per strand of yarn. the more tiwst, the better the bounceback

Is Stainmaster carpet really resistant to stains? carpets made with Stain Master Yarn are very stain resistant

Should I buy my carpets from a manufacturer or a retail outlet? a retail outlet. mills do not sell to end users

What makes Persian carpets special?

Where should I get my persian carpet?

Where can I find antique persian carpet?

What are some effective tips for removing vinyl flooring?

What is congoleum flooring? Congoleum is a manufacture of sheet vinyl and VCT tile. like Armstrong or Mannington

Can I lay new flooring on top of existing vinyl tile flooring? yes. in vinyl, you would need to use Interflex vinyl. also, you could use a laminate .

How can I best keep my vinyl flooring clean? use the vinyl Manufacture's floor cleaning solution.

Are rolls or tiles better when choosing vinyl flooring? rolls.

Can I make my own patterns with vinyl tile flooring? yes. some dealers even offer speciality installation classes for that.

How can I fix small peels on my vinyl flooring?

Is congoleum the best resilient flooring? no, Armstrong, Mannington and Tarkett all make good , better & best floors like Congolem does.

How can I keep my vinyl tile flooring looking like new? most vinyl manufacture's make a stripper and polish to bring back that new look

Does Armstrong vinyl flooring have any benefits I should know about? yes. they have a new finish/wear layer called TOUGHGUARD. Warranted not to rip.

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